Get a Mentor

How Mentoring Works

  • Referees: Referees desiring a mentor request one. Then, our state director of assessment looks for an available mentor and connects them with you. From there, you invite the mentor to one of your games.

  • Mentors: Mentors are trained using US Soccer material here in Idaho to help you learn from your mistakes and grow. They will focus on areas in which you can improve, and help you reach your fullest potential.

  • Cost: Mentors come at no cost to the referee. The mentor is paid for by one of these orgnizations:

    • The Idaho State Referee Committee (with funds from referee fees)

    • SISL (for all referees working any SISL match)

    • Idaho State Soccer Association (through a grant to the SRC)

    • Idaho State Youth Soccer Association (through a grant to the SRC)

    • Southwest Idaho Soccer Referee Association (for mentors who were previously a part of SWISRA)

To receive a mentor, you must first meet these pre-requisites...

  • Certification: You must be currently certified as a Grassroots or Regional referee for the current registration year.

  • Work rate: You must be willing to put in the effort to communicate with the mentor, demonstrate a high work rate in your matches, and spend time with the mentor afterwards to discuss.

  • Attitude: You should have a strong desire to improve, to gain the benefit of someone with experience, and to change what you are doing based upon the feedback you receive.

If you have met these requirements, begin the process in this way...

  • Game assignment: Have a schedule of games ready from your assignor.

  • Request a mentor: Complete the Mentor Request Form on this website below

  • Plan to debrief: on the day your mentor comes, plan to stay for 15-30 minutes to discuss your performance.

If you have questions...