Maintain Regional Status

Maintain Regional Referee Status

We are glad you are continuing the journey as one of the most valued referees in our state.

Begin the process to maintain your grade level this way...

  • Online Education and Exam: Complete the 2020 Regional Referee Re-Certification Course in the US Soccer Learning Center

      • Regional Referee Training - Online Regional Referee Quiz

      • SafeSport Training

      • Safe Soccer Training

      • US Soccer Background Check

  • In-Person Education: Attend the Regional Referee Training Event in Idaho **Pending for '20-'21 due to social distancing**

  • Fitness test: Sprint/Interval Test (FIFA Women's Referee Test) Male - Category 1 / Female - Category 3

      • Sprint Test: 40 meter sprint; Men (maximum 6.40 seconds per trial), Women (maximum 6.60 seconds per trial)

      • Interval Test: Men (maximum 17 seconds per 75m run and 20 seconds per 25m walk), Women (maximum 17 seconds per 75m run and 24 seconds per 25m walk )

      • Click Here for Interval Test Audio File Download Folder

  • Assessment: complete 2 assessments as a referee, 1 at the Adult/Amateur level and 1 at the top Youth Level (U18/U19)

      • Request an assessment once you have a qualifying match assignment.

      • Minimum passing score is 70

      • You will receive an assessor assigned by the SDA. To receive an out of state assessment, you must seek permission from the SDA in advance.

      • Your cost, payable to the assessor directly, is $65 per assessment plus a flat $50 for mileage beyond 100 miles round-trip.