Recertify as Regional

Recertify as a Regional Referee

If you are a current Regional Referee, here are the steps you take to recertify.

Requirements for recertification for 2022...

  • Fitness test

      • As a current Regional Referee, you may do the assessments or any other step prior to the fitness test. However, you must complete the fitness test prior to completing the recertification.

      • The criteria are the FIFA Women's Referee Test) Male - Category 1 / Female - Category 3 including...

          • Sprint Test: 40 meter sprint; Men (maximum 6.40 seconds per trial), Women (maximum 6.60 seconds per trial)

          • Interval Test: Men (maximum 17 seconds per 75m run and 20 seconds per 25m walk), Women (maximum 17 seconds per 75m run and 24 seconds per 25m walk ). You can practice the interval test on your own using this audio file: Interval Test Audio File Download

      • Jason Hutchinson, our SRA, is your contact for the fitness exam.

  • Practical Evaluation

      • 3 assessments are required, all as a referee. You can begin the assessment process ANYTIME during the year, so start early.

      • Matches must be adult, 11v11, and competitive. The SDA can approve 1 top level U-17-19 match in some cases. The SDA can also approve a college match at times. Discuss those situations with Rob Walters.

      • The SDA will assign your assessor once you request it. Referees may not seek out an assessor on their own or request a specific assessor.

      • If you are sure you have a qualifying game, request your assessment here. Be sure it meets the requirements and is the 1st game of your day.

  • In-Person training

      • Attend the Advanced Referee Inservice in the fall. It will take place on a Saturday and dates will be announced soon. One date will be in the Treasure Valley area. If enough referees require a date in another place, we'll offer one as possible.

      • All Regional Referees and those upgrading to regional in the next 12 months are required to attend. That means you must be at least 17 years old to attend the inservice training. It will include a full day of video analysis, classroom instruction, Law Changes, discussion, and additional testing.

  • Online training

      • Complete the Regional Referee Recertification course in the Learning Center including the modules, Safe Sport, and the Regional test. You can begin in July or after.

On game day...

  • Communicate with your assessor directly in the event of weather or other unusual circumstances.

  • Pay the assessor before the game begins ($65 for an upgrade or maintenance assessment. All assessments carry a $50 additional fee if the assessor commutes more than 100 miles round trip for the game. Mileage is per day, not per game.)

  • Plan to spend 20-30 minutes with the assessor after your match. Ensure you do not have a game immediatley following your assessment. This debrief is with the entire crew, even if only one person is being assessed.

  • After the debrief, you will receive a written report within 72 hours. A minimum passing score is 70.