Upgrade to Regional Referee

Upgrade to Regional Referee

We are glad you are interested in taking the next step in your officiating career.

To upgrade from Grassroots to Regional Referee, you must first meet these pre-requisites...

  • Minimum age: at least 18 years old

  • Time as a Grassroots Referee: Minimum of Three (3) Consecutive Years as a Grassroots Referee

  • Previous game experience: at least 50 Games as a Referee and 25 as an Assistant Referee at Local Adult Amateur Level

      • Qualifying games must be 90 minutes in length

      • You will need to submit the game log showing these matches to the Referee Committee in the upgrade process.

  • Fitness test: Sprint/Interval Test (FIFA Women's Referee Test) Male - Category 1 / Female - Category 3

      • Sprint Test: 40 meter sprint; Men (maximum 6.40 seconds per trial), Women (maximum 6.60 seconds per trial)

      • Interval Test: Men (maximum 17 seconds per 75m run and 20 seconds per 25m walk), Women (maximum 17 seconds per 75m run and 24 seconds per 25m walk )

      • Click Here for Interval Test Audio File Download Folder

If you have met these requirements, begin the process in this way...

  • Game assignment: get a game assigned that can be assessed. The criteria are:

      • 90 minutes in length

      • Adult Amateur Level or 1 assessment can be Youth (U18 or U19) ... youth match approval at the discretion of the State Director of Assessment for quality consideration

      • Must be competitive. Choose your match wisely so the assessor can help you.

  • Request an assessment: Complete the Assessment Request Form on this website

  • Pay and Debrief: on the assessment day, pay the assessor prior to the match. Then plan to stay for 15-30 minutes to discuss your performance.

      • Pay the assessor directly in cash or check before the match for all developmental and upgrade assessments at anytime or for maintenance assessments after after January 1, 2020. This fee will not be refunded regardless of the results of the evaluation. (NOTE: For maintenance assessments prior to January 1, 2020, the assessor is paid from your registration fees provided you are not repeating an assessment due to a failing score.) The fee is $65 plus a flat fee of $50 if the assessor has to drive over 100 miles round trip.

      • If you have a match immediately after your assessment that prevents a debrief, you cannot be assessed.

      • Minimum passing score is 70

      • You will need to complete 3 assessments as a referee (1 can be a top youth match (U18-U19), 2 amateur/adult matches) and you will see 3 different assessors, assigned by the SDA. To receive out of state assessments, you must seek permission from the SDA in advance.

  • Online Education and Exam: Complete the 2020 Regional Referee Re-Certification Course in the US Soccer Learning Center

      • Regional Referee Training - Online Regional Referee Quiz

      • SafeSport Training

      • Safe Soccer Training

      • US Soccer Background Check

  • In-Person Education: Attend the Regional Referee Training Event in Idaho **Pending for '20-'21 due to social distancing**