Futsal Referee Certification

Step by Step -- Recertification

On behalf of the Idaho Soccer Referee Committee, we are fully committed to help with US Soccer's transition to a completely integrated resource for referee training and administration. With any new software roll out we have encountered technical and conversion issues going to the new platform. We started our journey on July 1st of 2019 with all new referees using the center for new classes and starting with 2020 all recertifications will be done here as well.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during the transition!

Contact us at reveland@idahoreferee.org with questions.

Step 1: Create a Profile at the US Soccer Learning Center website

  1. Go to the US Soccer Learning Center website US Soccer Learning Center where you can read about the path from your first day to refereeing the World Cup!
  2. Click “Sign-up” at the top and fill out the form. Then, be sure to click “Sign up now” at the bottom to finish up.
  3. If it recognizes you from coaching or anything else, it may ask you to confirm your information. If so, say “Yes” and update it please!

If you are over 18 you will need to complete a background Check prior to registering for any class

Complete the US Soccer NCSI Background Check which is valid for 2 years and costs an additional $30 payable.

Step 2: Sign-up for an Online Futsal Course for 2020

Register for an Online Futsal Course

Returning Futsal Referees need to complete the Online only Class below

New Futsal Referee In-Person Classes will be scheduled once we have 6 Candidates who have completed the Online Assignments

  • New Futsal Referee - Boise Area Register
  • New Futsal Referee - Caldwell Area Register
  • New Futsal Referee - Nampa Area Register

Current Listing of all Futsal Courses Register

  1. Register for online Futsal Course
  2. Complete Online Course under "Assignments". This video-based course that will teach you many of the Laws of the Game and test your knowledge as you go. You will need to complete 100% for credit. Estimated time to completion is about 4 hours, but you can stop and come back later
  3. Complete all other "Assignments".

If you are 18 years old or above, you have an additional assignment to must complete.

      • Complete SafeSport Training as this is a federal requirement for managing injuries. It is about 2 to 2/12 hours in length and is valid for 2 years.