'20-'21 Courses are now available

USSF Background Checks are no longer required prior to registering for a course. However, the check must be returned clear before your certification is finalized or attending any In-Person Clinic.

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Step by Step -- Recertification

On behalf of the Idaho Soccer Referee Committee, we are fully committed to help with US Soccer's transition to a completely integrated resource for referee training and administration. With our 2021 recertification Starting July 1st the software starts it 2nd year of use so we are anticipating a much smoother process for 2021 and thank everyone for there help and patience over this last year!

Please reach out to with questions.

Step 1: Log into your US Soccer Learning Center account

  1. Go to the US Soccer Learning Center website US Soccer Learning Center

  2. If you don't already have a Learning Center Account, click “Sign-up” at the top and fill out the form. Then, be sure to click “Sign up now” at the bottom to finish up.

  3. If it recognizes you from coaching or anything else, it may ask you to confirm your information. If so, say “Yes” and update it please!

Individuals 18+ yrs. you will need to complete the US Soccer background.

Complete the US Soccer NCSI Background Check which is valid for 2 years and costs an additional $31.21 payable.

Step 2: Sign-up for the Course in which you wish to recertify.

Register for an Online referee Course based on your current certification.

  • 2021 Grassroots Referee Register

  • 2021 Upgrade from Grassroots to Regional Referee Register

  • 2021 Regional Referee Register

  • 2021 Regional Emeritus Referee Register

  1. Once you successfully register for your course go to "Classroom"

  2. Review items under "Resources" which will have information available to download for future reference.

  3. Navigate to "Assignments" and complete all requirements for you selected course.

If you are 18+ yrs, you have an additional assignment to complete if you did not complete this during your 2020 registration.

      • Complete SafeSport Training as this is a federal requirement about child abuse, harassment, hazing, and inappropriate sexual behaviors. It is about 2 to 2/12 hours in length and is valid for 2 years.

Check your existing Licenses under your profile and request a merge if you are missing anything.

Step 3: Sign up and complete any additional Supplemental Courses

Register for any Online supplemental courses based on your current certification. 2021 Recertification:

New Referee Mentor

This course will replace both the Grassroots Instructor and Assessor starting this year. Completing this course will certify you for assignments as both an Assessor and Instructor.

Anyone currently holding the Grassroots Assessor or Or Grassroots Instructor is highly encouraged to register for the Grassroots Mentor Course!


Assessor (This certification will be phased out as of 2024)

Instructor (This certification will be phased out as of 2024)

  1. Complete Online Course under "Assignments". Any requirements previously completed for other courses will be credited for each new Supplemental course

  2. Complete all other "Assignments".