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Idaho Mentor Course


Idaho Advanced Inservice Agenda.docx


Law Changes

Laws of the Game 2021_22.pdf

Laws of the Game

IFAB_Changes 2021_22 .pdf

Law Changes

Presentations for Mentors and Assessors

Grade 7 Assessor - Introduction.pptx

Introduction & PEACE

Grade 7 Assessor - Instructional Excercise.pptx

Practical Exercises

Grade 7 Assessor - Grading System and Post-Game Write-up.pptx

Grading System

Grade 7 Assessor - Questioning Technique.pptx

Questioning Techniques

Idaho Mentor Best Practices.pdf

Idaho Online Forms (other states may duplicate, but please enter Idaho mentor forms only)

Regional Referee Paper Assessment Forms

Referee Assessment Form.pdf

Assessment Form: Referee

Assistant Referee Assessment Form.pdf

Assessment Form: AR

Fourth Official Assessment Form.pdf

Assessment Form: 4th

Development and Guidance Form.pdf

Development & Guidance

Criteria and Scoring

Assessment Form Criteria.pdf

Assessment Form Criteria

Critical Match Incident Guidelines.pdf

Critical Match Incidents

Grade Related Performance Observations.pdf

Performance Guidelines

Grading System for Match Official Performance.pdf

Grading System

FIFA Considerations

Considerations - Detailed.pdf

FIFA Considerations, expanded

FIFA Considerations, brief

Sample Match Assessment

Match to review (1:23.45 to 1:38.56)

Video Analysis

7. FWC18-M23-ARG-CRO_39.mp4

Challenge #7

10. FWC18-M44-MEX-SWE_25.mp4

Challenge #10

12. FWC18-M36-ESP-MAR_31.mp4

Challenge #12

16. FCWC18-M05-CAR-AIN_112.mp4

Challenge #16


Tactical Foul #1


Tactical Foul #4


Tactical Foul #11

12 FWC18-M35-IRN-POR_64-REC-5224.mp4

Game Control #12

19. FWC18-M05-FRA-AUS_07.mp4

Game Control #19

2019-20 FUTURO Video Clips - Answer Sheet.pdf

Video Analysis Key