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The content on this page is for use by Idaho mentors licensed for 2024. It is not intended for referees or non-licensed mentors. If you are looking for the process to become a referee, click here for first time or here for returning referees. 

2024 Idaho Mentors may choose to run this from the website, but are encourage to download the files to a local computer in case of internet failure during your class. Mentors should begin with the course agenda is it will explain each item in details. You will find the following resources below:

2024 New Referee Curriculum

2024 Returning Referee (years 1-3) Curriculum

2024 Returning Referee (years 4+) Curriculum

Idaho Mentor Course Documents

New Mentor Course: Video Analysis Assignment #1

7. FWC18-M23-ARG-CRO_39.mp4

Challenge #7

10. FWC18-M44-MEX-SWE_25.mp4

Challenge #10

12. FWC18-M36-ESP-MAR_31.mp4

Challenge #12

16. FCWC18-M05-CAR-AIN_112.mp4

Challenge #16


Tactical Foul #1

New Mentor Course: Video Analysis Assignment #2

12 FWC18-M35-IRN-POR_64-REC-5224.mp4

Game Control #12

19. FWC18-M05-FRA-AUS_07.mp4

Game Control #19


Tactical Foul #4


Tactical Foul #11

7. FWC18-M23-ARG-CRO_39.mp4

Challenge #7