First Time Referees

Welcome! My name is Tyler and I'm here to get you licensed to become a referee! We're so glad you are interested in become a licensed US Soccer referee for the first time! It's important you read and understand this page first. Then, if you have further questions, first contact the district referee administrator in your area. I am also available to help you if needed.

Your license to referee is issued by US Soccer, based in Chicago, Illinois but your license is valid in any state in the country. The Idaho State Referee Committee (SRC) provides the training you need so you will work with members of the SRC throughout the process. Please remember, US Soccer licensing. is fully separate from high school or college referee certification. Read the process closely here and get started! We are excited to see you joining the Idaho referee community!

Minimum Requirements to Referee

Licensing Process & Local Classes Available

Licensing Steps

After you have paid your fee, completed all the online training, and completed your in person training, you will receive an email with your license. If you miss any step above, your license will be delayed until you complete that step. Your license is valid for a calendar year (January-December), then you must relicense each year.

Local Classes Avaialable

Classes are always best with a friend! Invite someone to join you as a referee! Did you know, The Idaho Youth Soccer Association is covering the registration fees for the first 20 new referees from each area of the state! You could certify for free this year!

Magic Valley

Northern Idaho

Eastern Idaho

Treasure Valley