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On behalf of US Soccer and the Idaho State Referee Committee, welcome to, the new online home for United States Soccer Federation Referees in Idaho. Whether you are just beginning your career or are a long-standing official, we are grateful for your service to the soccer community. We exist to provide our referees, leagues, clubs and organizations the best possible service through quality instruction, assessment, administration, and state-level assignment for referees.

Here's what's available here at our new site...

  • Statewide Calendar of Events all training events, new referee clinics, tournaments and more.

  • Idaho Referee News for news applying across the state, to see the district boundaries, read news from your local area, or get links to other organizations.

  • Instruction to learn how to become a referee, to re-certify as a referee, or learn about ongoing in-service training. Do the changing steps at the National level confuse you? Come here to learn more.

  • Assessment to learn how to get a mentor, to upgrade to the next level, or maintain your referee level. Take the next step in pushing yourself to advance, grow, and perform at a higher level.

  • Assignment to learn how to get games locally or at a tournament. Get out there and practice your new skills.

  • Contact Us to reach any of your State Referee Committee members. We are here to serve you.

Welcome to soccer in Idaho. See you on the field!

We are here to serve you!

  • Jason Hutchinson, SRA

  • Rob Walters, SDA

  • Rich Eveland, SDI

  • Riley Jones, SYRA

CLICK HERE for the steps to create a profile in the US Soccer Learning Center and sign up for a local clinic.

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