Did you know that a licensed assignor is required in every USSF sanctioned club, league, and tournament? If the assignor is not licensed, the insurance provided by USSF is void for all participants. Referees are taught in licensing classes to NEVER accept a game from an unlicensed assignor. Be sure to ask your assignor if they are licensed and complete the annual recertification.  We are grateful for great assignors who are critical to the game of soccer as they connect the right skill set in a referee with the appropriate competition level of the match.

According to US Soccer policy, the State Director of Assignment is responsible for devleoping an assignor network that meets the needs of the State Referee Committtee. Plus, assignor appointments should be made by clubs, leagues, and tournaments for a year at a time. According to US Soccer policy, an assignor may never be a referee on a game they also assign.

Minimum Requirements to Assign

Licensing Process & Local Classes Available

Licensing Steps

After you have paid your fee, completed all the training, you will receive an email with your license. If you miss any step above, your license will be delayed until you complete that step. Your license is valid for a calendar year (January-December), then you must relicense each year.

Licensed Assignors Receive...

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